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Monday, April 1, 2013

April 2013

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OM In the Old Market
1216 Howard Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68102
2013 Calendar of Events
Yoga • Tai Chi • Meditation

YOGA On-Going Drop-In Class• All Levels
Tuesdays 6-7:30pm • $14
Taught by Instructor Jennifer Pierce
Eclectic Hatha: meditation, relaxation, postures!
 Call for next 6 wk class dates 
Wednesdays • 5:45-7pm
6-week course • $90
Taught by Master Frank Fong
Learn “Awareness Through Movement”

MEDITATION • Thursdays • 6:30-9pm • $15 drop in
Mind  over  Madness • MTPCM
Meditation Training for People Who Can’t Meditate!
with Instructor Don McKenna

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1-5 MON-FRI  - Consultations by Appt. with Dr. Rajesh $95/hr
3 - WED - Tai Chi w Frank Fong (#6 class of this round)
7 - SUN - Louder Than A Bomb Youth Festival  • 6:30pm
13 - SAT - OM Poetry Slam 7:30pm $7
3  - WED  - TAI CHI class with Frank Fong   5:45-7pm
21 -SUN -Ayurveda Cooking Class/Includes10am -2pm • $100 •RSVP OM
24-May 22- Qi Gong Moving Meditation with Sarah Brandt10:30am-11:30am • (4 wks) $40 • Must RSVP OM
27- SAT- 8 Healing Sounds and Movement Workshop w/ Sarah Brandt • 11:30-1:30pm$25
ON-GOING Meditation Group • Thursdays • 6:30-9pm • $15 drop in

Mind  over  MadnessMTPCM
Meditation Training for People Who Can’t Meditate!
with Instructor Don McKenna
Can’t meditate?  Don’t know where to start?    

Don’t know your Mind from your Muladhara? 
This is your opportunity to ask someone who has had his eyes closed (been in the dark) for 22 years! Meditation and Mindfulness training provides intuitive tools that anyone can incorporate into one’s life in this Human Suit. Whether you are exploring Meditation and Mindfulness for the first time or deepening your practice, you will find this course entertaining, illuminating, and practical.

National Institute of Health Conclude that Mindfulness and Mediation Training can:
• increase subjective well-being
• reduce psychological symptoms and emotional reactivity
• improve behavioral regulation
• enhance quality of life and decrease stress symptoms
• decrease blood pressure
• increase energy and reduce pain
• decrease sleep-interfering cognitive processes (eg, worry)
• increase mindfulness, which in turn leads to symptom reduction and improved well- being
• reduce distress and improve positive mood states
• effectively strengthen self-control and character development simultaneously
• override impaired brain synchronicity and debilitating symptoms arising in early years of persons with autism
• contribute to increased telomere length and immune cell longevity
• improve the endocrine balance and promote mitotic cell longevity

Call OM to reserve your spot!
Don McKenna is a Reiki Master/Teacher, student of Sri Vidya, meditator in the Transcendental, Zen, Tibetan, and Tantric traditions, Certified in Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong and Therapeutic Touch, and student of the meditative arts of aboriginal cultures.

April 7 •  Sunday • 6:30pm 

 Sun-Fri • March 31-April 5 Consultations $95- 1 hour / Panchakarma  $295-3 hours
Private Ayurvedic Consultations 
Dr. Rajesh Kotecha

Experience pulse, eye, tongue evaluation, body typing and more. Each individual is genetically different - giving them a specific constitution (Prakriti) and an individualized treatment plan.
Dr. Rajesh Kotecha holds an MD in Ayurveda. He is Chief Physician and Executive Director of Ayurveda Clinic and Research Center in Jaipur, India. He visits the US twice a year to work in Nevada and Nebraska.

To schedule appointments, call OM Center 402.345.5078

April 13 • Saturday • 7:30pm • $7
What is a Poetry Slam?
It's competition poetry; meaning humor, politics, enlightenment, sex, entertainment masquerading as literature, literature masquerading as entertainment. Poets will read, then judges will flash Olympic-style scoring to determine who goes on to the next round until there's just one poet left standing as the champion. It's a lot of fun!

Hosted by Matt Mason. Open mic starts at 7:30 followed by the featured performer and the slam; sign up BEFORE 7:30 as signup is limited and will only be allowed after 7:30 if less than 8 are in the slam.

Sunday • April 21st  • 10am - 2pm • $100 • RSVP OM
Ayurvedic Cooking Class • Includes Ayurvedic Lunch
Integrating Ayurveda into Daily Living
With Suddha Devi (Joyce Linbrunner)

Cooking instruction * Recipes * Open discussion * Q & A & more!  
Learn how to make:
Ghee (Ayurvedic Clarified Butter)

Kitcheri (Ayurvedic meal)
Subji (vegetable dish)
Lassi (yogurt drink)

Explore how to create balances in these meals for each dosha.
Discuss Ayurvedic recommendations... What has worked for you...what has not?
Q & A Bring your best questions! Please RSVP by April 18th OM 402-345-5078

Perfectly designed for a follow-through class after receiving Ayurvedic recommendations
from Ayurvedic pracitioners such as Dr. Rajesh Kotecha (although not a prerequisite)
For specific questions about the class Call: 402-740-0366

Suddha (Joyce Linbrunner) graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha
with an undergraduate degree in premed-Biology followed by a heart-felt call to massage.
She graduated from the Universal College of Healing Arts where her journey with Reiki began
almost 10 years ago. Today, Suddha has taken 8 levels of Reiki Training,  most recently
completing her Karuna Master Level and is a Registered Reiki Practitioner at the International
Center for Reiki Training. She is a Nationally Certified through the NCBTMB

(National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage) and is licensed in the State of Nebraska. 
Suddha currently has a successful massage therapy practice located at the Om Center.
She offers a wide variety of services that address all levels of "being" human,
including bodywork, energy work and spiritual support. 

During Suddha's journey with Reiki, she discovered Ayurveda. She sought education from
Olivia Hudis, MD, Ayurvedic practitioner and co-founder of the Alandi Ashram in Boulder, CO.
Suddha spent several months living in the Ashram and living an Ayurvedic lifestyle and developing
Ayurvedic cooking skills. Upon her move back to Omaha, NE, she met Dr. Rajesh Kotecha through
the Om Center with whom she has continued to refine her Ayurvedic bodywork, cooking and lifestyle.

Saturday, April 27, 11:30am-1:30pm  $25 
8 Healing Sounds & Movement Workshop 
Instructor Sarah Brandt (Knispel)
 The practice of the 8 Healing Sounds & coordinated movements combine:
sound, vibration, movement, breath, and visualization for balancing the mind & body.

In the Taoist tradition, this practice enhances one’s overall well-being and works
directly upon particular organs, emotions and energy channels in the body.
This workshop will enable you to transform the effects of emotions and
daily stress through sound and movement.

There is an old saying, “Our ‘issues’ reflect in our tissues.” Strong emotions and high stress require extra energy and have an effect on the body’s immunity and organs, often accelerating the aging process. This class will review the five major organs and their associated emotions, colors, sounds & elements—in
accordance with the Chinese 5 Element Theory. The 8 Healing Sounds & Movements is a simple practice for self-healing and rejuvenation. Discover how to integrate sound with movement to maintain a life of wellness and harmony!  

This self-healing practice is as taught by Master Chen of Wudang Mountain in China: