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Friday, March 1, 2013

March 2013

OM In the Old Market
1216 Howard Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68102
2013 Calendar of Events
Yoga • Tai Chi • Meditation

YOGA On-Going Drop-In Class• All Levels
Tuesdays 6-7:30pm • $14
Taught by Instructor Jennifer Pierce
Eclectic Hatha: meditation, relaxation, postures!

 Call for next 6 wk class dates 
Wednesdays • 5:45-7pm
6-week course • $90
Taught by Master Frank Fong
Learn “Awareness Through Movement”

MEDITATION • Thursdays • 6:30-9pm • $15 drop in
Mind  over  Madness • MTPCM
Meditation Training for People Who Can’t Meditate!
with Instructor Don McKenna

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  6-27  WED -  TAI CHI class with Frank Fong   5:45-7pm  
  7-28  THUR - Mind over Madness Meditation Class with Don McKenna  6:30-9pm 
  9   SAT - OM Center Poetry Slam Featuring Chris August   7:30pm  $7 
18  MON - Louder Than A Bomb Youth Poetry Festival 6:30pm
22  FRI -   The Mind in Meditation: Narrowing the Space Between You and the Divine  Rolf Sovik  6-10pm 
23  SAT -  The Yoga Sutras + Asana Class with Rolf Sovik 9am-5pm
24  SUN -  The Yoga Sutras + The Gita with Rolf Sovik 9am-5pm
29  FRI  -  Spirit of The Amazonwith Dean Jacobs Talk & Slides 7pm 
31  SUNConsultations by Appt. with Dr. Rajesh  $95/hr 
                Panchakarma by Appt. $295/3hr


March 9 •  Saturday • 7:30pm • $7 
OM Center Poetry Slam Featuring Chris August!
Chris August was crowned the best performance poet in the country last year, winning the prestigious Individual World Poetry Slam in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a special educator, writer and activist from Baltimore, Maryland. He has been involved in the national performance poetry community since 2002, and has been published in numerous collections and toured and competed throughout most of the country. 

This was the culmination of ten years of involvement in national slam scene, representing Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington, DC at the National Poetry Slam and the Individual World Poetry Slam. In 2012, he left his job as a special educator to pursue poetry full time. Later that year, he represented the United States at the Poetry World Cup in Paris, France where he was ranked second in the world. His latest book, A Life Called Special, is a compilation of his poetry about special needs education.

March 22, 23, 24 •  Fri/Sat/Sun • (Fee to be announced)
Rolf Sovik, PsyD 
A Weekend with the Spiritual Director of the Himalayan Institute   
Friday, March 22nd • 6 pm -10 pm Day One 
$45 Friday / $175 entire weekend / $150 OYBC Teacher Rate (for graduates)

The Mind in Meditation
Narrowing the Space Between You and the Divine
It is frequently said that yoga is not a religion and that it refrains from religious dogma. Yet a spiritual understanding of life lies at the heart of yoga practice. Meditation helps us narrow the space between our conception of the divine, and our experience of it. Join Rolf for a fascinating evening devoted to the practice of meditation and to a new understanding of what spiritual life is truly about. The session will include a glimpse of the Upanishads, of the role of prayer, and of the importance of meditation in finding inner peace.

Rolf Sovik, PsyD is the President and Spiritual Director of the Himalayan Institute and a clinical psychologist in private practice. Rolf Sovik has studied yoga in the United States, India, and Nepal and is a practitioner of meditation for nearly forty years. He holds degrees in philosophy, music, Eastern studies, and clinical psychology. Co-director of the Himalayan Institute of Buffalo, NY he began his practice of yoga in 1972, and was initiated as a pandit in the Himalayan tradition in 1987. He is the author of Moving Inward, co-author of the award-winning Yoga: Mastering the Basics.
A clinical psychologist, he writes regularly for Yoga International magazine and travels widely teaching about the practice and philosophy of meditation.  

Saturday, March 23 • 9:30 am - 5:30 pm The Yoga Sutras + Asana Class 
Sunday, March 249:30 am - 5:30 pm The Yoga Sutras + The Gita
 $65 pp / $175 entire weekend / $150 OYBC Teacher Rate (for graduates)
Study the ancient philosophical and scriptural texts that are the foundation of the Yoga tradition with the spiritual director of the Himalayan Institute in this OYBC exclusive workshop.  The Saturday session of the weekend includes a 90 minute yoga class with Rolf at 9:30 am.  

So, please arrive early for class and bring a mat.

Yoga arises from a faith that the everyday rivulets and streams of human life lead to an ocean of joy. This philosophy of self-expansion is embodied in the practice of postures, in the serenity of relaxed breathing, and in the harmony and exquisite peace of meditation. In yoga, philosophy and practice bolster one another.

The clearest exposition of yoga philosophy is found in two texts: The Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. These classics lay out the journey of yoga from beginning to end. Join Dr. Sovik for a weekend focused on the study of both texts, but containing a generous dose of yoga practice as well – a blend that will satisfy body, mind, and heart.

Sun-Fri • March 31-April 5 Consultations $95- 1 hour / Panchakarma  $295-3 hours
Private Ayurvedic Consultations 
Dr. Rajesh Kotecha

Experience pulse, eye, tongue evaluation, body typing and more. Each individual is genetically different - giving them a specific constitution (Prakriti) and an individualized treatment plan.
Dr. Rajesh Kotecha holds an MD in Ayurveda. He is Chief Physician and Executive Director of Ayurveda Clinic and Research Center in Jaipur, India. He visits the US twice a year to work in Nevada and Nebraska.

To schedule appointments, call OM Center 402.345.5078

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