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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MAY 2013

OM In the Old Market
1216 Howard Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68102
2013 Calendar of Events
Yoga • Tai Chi • Meditation

YOGA On-Going Drop-In Class• All Levels
Tuesdays 6-7:30pm • $14
Taught by Instructor Jennifer Pierce
Eclectic Hatha: meditation, relaxation, postures!

 Call for next 6 wk class dates 
Wednesdays • 5:45-7pm
6-week course • $90
Taught by Master Frank Fong
Learn “Awareness Through Movement”

MEDITATION • Thursdays • 6:30-9pm • $15 drop in
Mind  over  Madness • MTPCM
Meditation Training for People Who Can’t Meditate!
with Instructor Don McKenna

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1- WED -From Fukushima to Ft.Calhoun Seminar and Researcher Panel 7-9pm• $15 Please RSVP
1- WED -Qi Gong Moving Meditation10:30AM –11:30AM• $40/4wk
2-6 -THURS - MON Dr. David Bole • Non-insertive ACUPUNCTURE Treatments Call for Appt. 
3- FRI - Improving Percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani 7:30-9pm $10 Door/$8 student
5  -SUN - Tibetan Tranquility Meditation with Lama Bole 10am-Noon  $15
8- WED -Qi Gong Moving Meditation Class 10:30am
10 - FRI OM Poetry Slam - 7:30pm  $7  (Special Fri. NOT the usual Sat. nite)
15- Qi Gong Moving Meditation Class • Sarah Brandt 10:30-11:30am
22- Qi Gong Moving Meditation Class Sarah Brandt 10:30-11:30am 
25-26 Usui Reiki I and II ~ Sudda Devi (Joyce Linbrunner)9am-5pm POSTPONED
26- Usui Reiki Master Class - Sudda Devi (Joyce Linbrunner) • 9am-5pm POSTPONE

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Call for New start Date • Wednesdays • 5:45-7pm • $90 for 6 weeks • RSVP required
Call and come to one class... see if you're interested for the full course!!
NEW Beginner Tai Chi Classes
with Master Frank Fong

Benefits of practicing Tai Chi:
• Increases awareness, facilitating the mind and body to work together  ensuring the best function for the whole being
• Keeps injuries at bay and quickens recovery from illness and injury
• Increases focus and concentration
• Assists to regain, maintain and sharpen physical and mental balance
• No impact exercise - instead, soft and gentle movements
• Relieves arthritis pain by promoting the flow of the body's natural lubricants
• Assists in lowering and managing high blood pressure
• Improves digestion
• Reduces pain and helps manage headaches
• Helps to maintain regularity
• Improves blood and lymphcirculation
• Regulates body temperature and comfort
• Improves the quality of sleep
• Improves stamina and helps the body to recover from overworking
• Tones and smoothes the skin
• Improves and maintains flexibility and elasticity of the body

Master Frank Fong emphasizes soft and gentle movements to promote stress relief, mood enhancement, and a relaxed temperament. His chief goals for his students are self healing and inner development. Step by step, he will help students find their own path and build their own strength and confidence, leading towards a healthy body, a happy spirit, and a better life.
Master Fong is from China (Hong Kong), where he learned from three grandmasters. He has been practicing Tai Chi for more than 45 years, and has been teaching it for 30 years. Fong has shared his art in Tai Chi classes through many organizations. He continues to improve on the skill and knowledge by traveling periodically across the U.S., Canada and China to share and exchange techniques with other Tai Chi masters and teachers. He can be contacted via email at

April 24-May 18 •10:30am-11:30am (4 wks) $40
Qi Gong Moving Meditation with Instructor Sarah Knispel

Discover the benefits of this "moving meditation"! The practice of 18 Movements is an easy to learn method which coordinates flowing movement with breathing to enhance concentration and energy levels. Research indicates that Tai Chi and Qi Gong relaxes the mind, muscles and nervous system while improving posture, balance and joint flexibility.

This class will offer beginner-level instruction of these simple 18 Movements along with the theory and physical benefits of each movement.Tai Chi and Qi Gong are a facet of Traditional Chinese Medicine and areparticularly effective in restoring energy,self-healing and rejuvenation.Create mind-body harmony and wellness with the practice of 18 Movements! 
Sarah Knispel is a direct disciple of Master Chen and is a 26th generation lineage holder
of the Taoist Dragon Gate Branch. Through Master Chen she has received teachings
and training in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Energy Healing and I Ching Numerology.
Sarah offers group and individual instruction for Qi Gong, Tai Chi, meditation,

yoga, physical conditioning, and self-healing methods. 


Wednesday • May 1, 2013 • 7-9pm • $15 Please RSVP
From Fukushima to Ft. Calhoun
The Myths And The Reality
How This Is Affecting You and Your Family Now!

Japan's Nuclear Plants to Nebraska Ft. Calhoun Plant. The Seminar will include researchers, health care experts, scholars, individuals personally affected
 by Fukushima as well as a local Ft. Calhoun plant analyst. After a presentation of the current situation and what measures you can personally take, the formal presentation will be followed by a Round-Table, discussion and Q & A....

This seminar will tell you what the actual situation is, from Fukushima to Ft. Calhoun, what you need to know, and most importantly, what specific measures you can take to protect yourself and your family. The seminar will include presenting a detailed Protocol of Care that will provide radiation protection [all of which you can easily obtain on your own on the web] and will also distribute a dosimeter radiation badge for each attendee to provide a personal continuous monitoring of your exposure to any radiation. 
The Fukushima Nuclear Plants in Japan suffered a complete melt down in 2011. The resulting ongoing catastrophe represents a world-class threat that Japan's former ambassador described this way: "If Unit 4 collapses ... that will be the most unprecedented crisis that man has ever experienced. ... not only will Japan lie in ruin, but the entire world will also face serious damages." World class nuclear expert Arnold Gunderson says a 7.0 earthquake could cause the structure to collapse. Scientists say that there is a 70% chance of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hitting Fukushima in a given year, and a 98% chance within the next 3 years. Meanwhile, at Omaha's nearby Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant, it remains closed due to continuous safety issues which have not as yet been resolved. The most recent former Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency states that this [and the other US nuclear plants] are fatally flawed and should   be closed.

Thurs-Sun • May 2, 3, 4, 5, 2013 
 Dr. David Bole • Acupuncture and Mediation Class 
Acupuncture Appointments (Non-instertive style) Treatments
Dr. Bole specializes in Japanese Acupuncture (Toyohari) and Herbology.

Toyohari is a painless, non-insertive needle technique  
Call for a private appointment with Dr. Bole Call OM @402-345-5078• 
Tranquility Meditation Class
with Lama David
May 5 •  Sunday • 10am - Noon • $15 adv. $20 Door RSVP Please
For Appointments or Mediation Class RSVP 402.345.5078
Tranquility Meditation
An introductory class teaching "how to" on Tibetan Tranquility Meditation techniques: how to rest and stabilize the mind,necessary for insight meditation. This is a method for directly seeing the mind’s true nature. Buddha would often compare himself to a physician and the teachings to medicine.
All welcome, no previous training needed!


Dr. Lama David Bole (La.C., Ph.D., A.P.)
is an acupuncturist and a Tibetan Buddhist monk.
As a Westerner, he is able to bridge the gap between East and West. Dr. Bole received a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Florida and a Doctor of Acupuncture from the College of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Oxford, England. Dr. Bole was the founder and President
of both the Florida School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and the Healing Arts Center in Gainesville, Florida. He currently teaches Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and meditations, practices acupuncture and herbal medicine, and offers courses designed to enhance awareness and health at the Healing Arts Center. 

Friday• May 3• 7:30pm •  $10 RSVP / $12 day of $8 students/advance with RSVP 

Improv Music Concert Featuring
Tatsuya Nakatani • Michel Doneda
Join These World-Renown Improv Musicians
For A High Energy. . . Mind Bending Evening!
“As a duo, we create improvised music,
derived from the simple ancient roots of sound.” –Tatsuya Nakatani

Tatsuya Nakatani is a native of Osaka-Japan, who now resides in Easton PA. He is an improvising percussionist who tours constantly, and has played all over the world. Michel Doneda is from Toulouse France. He is known as one of the most prominent and active improvisational musicians in Europe. 

The duo first met and played together in 2002 in Toulouse France. Tatsuya was touring in Europe with a NYC based rock band at the time, when percussionist LeQuan Ninh invited the current duo to collaborate during a concert in Toulouse. Since that first exciting meeting in 2002, two years later in 2004, Nakatani and Doneda performed and recorded with alto saxophonist Jack Wright, in New York City. They formed the band "From Between Trio" and released a CD from SOS record label in NYC. After recording the three went on to tour the US,
France and Japan together. 

Michel Doneda and Tatsuya Nakatani have played as a duo worldwide, including the USA, Japan, France, Ukraine, Poland, Scotland and Belgium. Performing Highlights include: Meteo Mulhouse Music festival in France. Museed'art moderne contemporaine in Strausburg, France. University of Metz, University of Lille. Jazz Bez festival in Ukraine and Poland. Krannet Art Museum
in Champaign, IL. Hallwalls Contemorary art center in Buffalo NY. Festival des musiques insolentes in Lorgues, France. Glasgow improvised music festival in Scotland. 

Collaborators with this duo include: Jack Wright(sax), Barre Phillips(Bass), Frederic Blondie(piano), Oguri(Dance), Kaoru Watanabe(Flute), Serge Pey(poet), Yurity Yeremchuk(Sax), leonel kaplan(Trumpet) and Ty Thanh Tien(dance, Act) Released CD " White Stone Black Lamp" from Nakatani's own record label Kobo in 2011. 

Tatsuya Nakatani website:

May 25, 26 
Usui Reiki Workshop (POSTPONED)
for laypersons and professionals. Take one weekend or both!! 
Instructor Suddha Devi (Joyce Linbrunner)
May 25th • 9am-Noon $150• 4 contact hours 
Usui Reiki II - May 26
May 25th •1pm-5pm • $250 (Usui I pre-req) 4 contact hours 
Usui Master Class 
May 26th • 9-5pm• $500 (Usui Reiki II pre-req) 8 contact hours 

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