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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 2014

2014 OM Center Calendar 
WELCOME to 2014 - The Year of the Horse!
March - July 2014
1216 Howard Street • Old Market
• Weekly Classes • 
Yoga • Tai Chi • Meditation

YOGA •Tuesday 6-7:30pm 
$14 drop in (10 classes pd in advance $12/class = $120)
Instructor: Jennifer Pierce 
On-Going Drop-In Class • All Levels 
Eclectic Hatha: meditation, relaxation, postures! 

TAI CHI • Wednesdays • March 12 - April 16 • 5:45-7pm
$90 (6-wk course-call 402.345.5078 for current dates)
Instructor:  Master Frank Fong 
Learn “Awareness Through Movement”

Guided Relaxation/Mediation • Thursdays • 7-8:30pm  
4 classes each session/MUST RSVP in Advance $40 (Call for next series)
Instructor: Don McKenna
A guided relaxation cultivating the mediation experience

• Monthly At A Glance •
1,8,15,22- Prenatal Yoga with Casandra Jimenez • 1:15pm-2:30pm• Must RSVP • $40
1,8,15,22,29- Primordial QiGong with Sarah Brandt • 11am-12pm •$65 • Must RSVP
2,9,16,23,30 - Yin Yoga/Meditation-Chanell Jaramillo PhD • 12pm-1pm • $50 ADV
4-7     Toyohari Acupuncture -Dr. Bole Ph.D. , A.P • Call for appointments!
4        "Mug Shot Series" • Photography Art Opening • Aubrey Nye • 6-9pm
           Showing Through April 27th Tue-Sat Noon-5pm Stop By! 
6        Tranquility Meditation Class -Lama David Bole • 10-noon • $15 RSVP/$20 Day of
12      OM Poetry Slam • Sat • 7:30pm • $7
12,13 OMAHA Holistic HEALTH, WELLNESS, FITNESS EXPO At Century Link Center
          (OM Center is a Sponsor! Visit our booth!)
16      Shamanic Teaching and Journeying Experience -Brent Bowyer • 7:30pm  
          (4 month course/1 time a month - Starts March -MUST RSVP 4 classes $100/$120 day of)
19,20  Chakra Essentials -Chanell Jaramillo, PhD • 9am-5pm • RSVP • 
          (materials provided) • 16CEU
23       Sounds Good Spiritual Science of Sound Vibration -Dameon Keller • 7:30pm $5 RSVP
25       Songs From A Ballad Of The West • with Singer/Songwriter/Author, Bobby Bridger$10 ADV • $12
26       Justice  and Compassion (with book signing) -authors Carey Harrison and 
           Dr. Richard White  • Saturday • 7pm • $15 • Must RSVP
27       Behind the Screen: My Rex Harrison-Tales from the Golden Age
           of the Silver Screen (One man show -Cary Harrison) 
           Sunday April 27 • 7pm • $25 Must RSVP
• Full Event Details • 

Prenatal Yoga
April 1, 8, 15, 22 • (4 wks) $40 • 1:15-2:30pm • MUST RSVP
Prenatal Yoga 
Instructor Casandra Jimenez 

*Learn practices that offer physical relief from common discomfort
*Focus on strength and flexibility of muscles strained during pregnancy
*Practice relaxation and breathing techniques that provide comfort and support during labor
*Spend time cultivating the bond with your baby
*One class devoted to partners learning techniques to support the pregnant mother

Primordial QiGong 
Instructor Sarah Brandt
Tuesdays • April 1,8,15,22,29 • $65 • 11am-Noon • Must RSVP
Move into stillness with this ancient series of Primordial Qi Gong. Harmonize your body, mind and spirit while you develop balance, coordination and concentration with these gentle movements. Primordial Qi Gong are great for all levels of experience and physical conditions. 
Qi Gong is an ancient practice composed of movements to regulate the body, mind and breath. The techniques and movements not only increase range of motion, and also improve Qi flow, open the meridian channels, and help to develop internal strength.
Instructor Sarah Knispel, is a certified WuDang Qi Gong instructor.
A native of Nebraska, Sarah has a background in: college athletics, dance, yoga, tai chi, Qi gong, meditation, and other holistic healing practices. She is a student and instructor with Taoist philosophy and techniques with Master Chen.

Sarah began her studies with Master Chen in March of 2007 and has completed the following intensive training courses: The Master Within, WuDang Tai Chi Intensive and Taoist Ceremonial Arts. Sarah is certified in WuDang External Qi Healing and WuDang Qi Gong through Master Chen. 
Yin Yoga / Meditation/Midweek Recharge  
with Chanell Jaramillo, PhD
Wednesdays • 2,9,16,23,30 • $50Adv/$14 Drop in • Must RSVP 
Comfortable/business casual

Dr. Bole Ph.D.,A.P. Returns to Omaha!
 Acupuncturist • Herbalist • Tibetan Tranquility Meditation
Friday April 4 - 7 Health Concerns for you or your clients?  

• Private Acupuncture Sessions 
• Tranquility Meditation Class Sunday April 6, 2014 • 10am-12pm 
(Painless non-insertive needle technique)
Dr. Bole specializes in Japanese Acupuncture (Toyohari) and Natural Medicines  
Toyohari is a painless, non-insertive needle technique 

Dr. Lama David Bole (Ph.D., A.P.) is an acupuncturist and a Tibetan Buddhist monk.
He specializes in Toyohari and herbology. As a Westerner, he is able to bridge the
gap between East and West. Dr. Bole received a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University
of Florida and a Doctor of Acupuncture from the College of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
in Oxford, England. Dr. Bole was the founder and President of both the Florida School of
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and the Healing Arts Center in Gainesville, Florida.
He currently teaches Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and meditations, practices acupuncture
and herbal medicine, and offers courses designed to enhance awareness and
health at the Healing Arts Center.
• Tibetan Tranquility Meditation Class  with Lama David
Sunday, April 6, 2014 10am -noon  • $15 RSVP OM / $20 Day of    
A how-to, teaching on Tibetan meditation techniques; how to rest
and stabilize the mind, necessary for insight meditation. This is a
method for directly seeing the mind’s true nature. Buddha would often
compare himself to a physician and the teachings to medicine.
All welcome, no previous training needed!
Toyohari Acupuncture is a refined system of Japanese five phase meridian therapy. It is largely based
on the practitioner's acute palpation,ability to feel Chi and specialized non-insertive needle techniques.
Its theoretical foundations derived from the medical classics--Su Wen, Ling Shu and Nan Jing. 
Dr. Bole's teacher, in Japan, is blind and has developed an acute sensitivity to chi through this practice.

"Mug Shot" Series
Photography Art Opening with Aubrey Nye 
Friday • April 4 • 6-9pm • First Friday Old Market Art Walk
Showing thru April 27th Stop in Tue-Sat Noon-5pm! 

Aubrey Nye's  Nebraska, “Mugshot” Series showing at OM Center will be featured in “NebraskaLife” magazine in March. These are detailed graphite drawings from the omaha police files of the late 1800”s and early 1900’s in Omaha. Each one has been extensively researched so you also have the story behind each character.
The crimes range from a horse stealer,a young man who stole gold fillings and spent 1 1/2 in jail, a young lady that sued the judge for her arrest which was unknown at this time, a lady that shot her husband for adultery and acquitted, young prostitutes whose occupation was one of the only ones offered to women, to nefarious characters of murder and mayhem. 
Aubrey’s drawings are such that when you look into the eyes of these people you feel as if they are telling you their story. You may even find that you are related to one of them!

Poetry Slam at OM!
Saturday • April 12 • 7:30pm • $7
Open mic starts at 7:30 followed by the Slam • Sign up BEFORE 7:30; signup is limited

What is a Poetry Slam?

It's competition poetry; meaning humor, politics, enlightenment, sex, entertainment masquerading as literature, literature masquerading as entertainment. Poets will read, then judges will flash Olympic-style scoring to determine who goes on to the next round until there's just one poet left standing as the champion. In truth, everyone who adds to the evening should be considered a winner, but since we only have one Golden Monkey trophy, we have to figure out some way to give it out. It's a lot of fun! 

Hosted by Matt Mason. Open mic starts at 7:30 followed by the featured performer and the slam; sign up BEFORE 7:30 as signup is limited and will only be allowed after 7:30 if less than 8 are in the slam. 

  (Not at OM Center - At Century Link Center)
(OM Center is Sponsor!  Visit our booth!)
Saturday/Sunday April 12, 13

Chakra Class - Chanell Jaramillo
Sundays • April 19, 20 • 9am-5pm • RSVP OM • 16CEU

This course will provide you with the essential knowledge needed to understand healing work through the use of key energy points called the chakras. The use of the term chakras and healing therapies directly focused upon the chakras are becoming more popular in mainstream society. This course will both familiarize you with what the chakras are and introduce an in-depth foundational knowledge of the subtle energy fields. You will gain a better understanding of the chakras through first hand experience with your own energy centers.

Sounds Good Spiritual Science of Sound and Vibration 
with Dameon Keller
Wednesday • April 23 • 7:30pm

We will examine and demonstrate theories on sound:
• Descriptions and definitions of Om and AUM, - Hindu and Esoteric theologies 
• Musical pitch, theory, and physics.
• A Vibro-Acoustic system will available for those interested to experience these principals.

Songs From A Ballad Of The West
Friday • April 25 • $10 ADV • $12

This unique concert brings history to life through vivid storytelling and original music. Meet the people who forged the Wild West: Jim Bridger - mountain man and the fur trade, showman “Buffalo Bill” Cody and Lakota Holy Man, Black Elk as he speaks to Nebraska Poet, John Neihardt. A theatrical event you won’t forget.

"Justice and Compassion" .. and book signing 
with authors Carey Harrison and Dr. Richard White 
Sat. April 26 • 7pm • $15 • RSVP: 402.957.1087

Revenge vs. forgiving the unforgivable. Following the path of his novel, Justice, Harrison discusses his experiences, including his walking pilgrimage to Auschwitz. Dr. White, Professor of Philoso- phy, author of The Heart of Wisdom, joins in a dialogue from the literary and philosophical perspectives.

Behind the Screen: My Rex HarrisonTales from the Golden Age of the Silver Screen
One man show with Carey HarrisonSun. April 27 • 7pm • $25 • RSVP: 402.957.1087

Mr. Harrison shares his humorous, poignant, shocking tales from the stage and screen, experienced with his stage/screen actor parents, Rex Harrison and Lilli Palmer. A reception follows with Harrison and his wife, artist, Claire Lambe, whose portrait exhibit, The Empathetic Eye, will be on display all weekend. 

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