Omaha Healing Arts Center (OM Center) is a remarkable and dynamic space for education, holistic healing, performing arts and community. Experience and learn about alternative medicine, acupuncture, massage, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, bodywork, Craniosacral therapy, Shiatsu, color therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki, astrology, herbal therapy, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, hypnosis and counseling, workshops, seminars and holistic clinic.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

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OM Calendar
1216 Howard Street • Old Market • 402.345.5078 
March -April -May -June 2015

• Weekly Classes • 
Yoga • Tai Chi • Meditation

YOGA •Tuesdays • 6-7:30pm 
$14 drop in (10 classes pd in adv $12/class = $120)
Instructor: Jennifer Pierce 
On-Going Drop-In Class • All Levels 
Eclectic Hatha: meditation, relaxation, postures! 

TAI CHI • Wednesdays • 5:45-7pm
New Class Starting April 29, May 6,13,20,27, Jun 3 (6 wks)
$100  6-wk course  
Instructor:  Master Frank Fong 
Learn “Awareness Through Movement”

MEDITATION  • (Only 2 Thursdays in April )
April 16 - Chakra Meditation
April 23 - Yantra Meditation 
 Instructor: Don McKenna 

• 2015 Month @A Glance - Quick View •
 1  Sun   • Master Chen Returns "The Heart of Tao" RSVP 
 6  Fri     • Michael Campbell CD unveiling! And mini cool concert!!!
 7 Sat.    •Live Art Painting with Gerard Pefung
14  Sat    • Poetry Slam • 7:30p • $5
20-26     • Ayurvedic Consultations and Panchakarma -Dr. Kamini Kaushal 

11         • Poetry Slam • 7:30p • $5
11, 12   • Holistic EXPO (Not at OM @Century Link 
16         • Chakra Meditation  Don McKenna 7-9pm $20 RSVP
17,-19   • The Way of The Shaman Workshop 
23         • Yantra Meditation • Don McKenna 7-9pm • $20

7,-12   • Dr. David Bole (Lama Losang) Non-Insertive Acupuncture-Toyahari, Acupressure Classes, Tibetan Meditation 

• Details For OM Events • March - April

MARCH 2015

Friday March 6, 7:30pm • Free Admission
My Turn Now CD Release Party
featuring Michael Campbell 
with special guests Korey Anderson and Vern Kathol

March 7, 2015  • 1-5pm FREE Walk in and visit Gerard and OM

Gerard Pefung Living Art Painting  
Gerard Pefung Studios is featuring Live Painting to thank the city for supporting all of the special moments of his career over the past few years. Come by OM Center say hello, have a cup of tea and see some amazing art from Gerard Pefung!

March 20-26, 2015  
Ayurvedic Consultations & Panchakarma 
OM Welcomes Back Dr. Rajesh's close colleague 
Ayurvedic Dr. Kamini Kaushal 

Call OM for an appointment • 402.345.5078

M E D I C I N E  O F  I N D I A
Ayurveda means the Knowledge or Science of Life.
Learn how Ayurveda can restore the body to wellness.
• Ayurvedic Consultations - $95 (sessions about 1 hour)
Experience pulse, eye, tongue evaluation, body typing and more. Each individual is genetically different, giving them a specific constitution (Prakriti) and an individualized treatment plan.  

• Panchakarma Treatments - $295 (sessions 3 hours/ Dr. and a Massage Therapist)
(2 1/2 hour session, by appt only) Panchakarma Therapy cleanses toxins (Amma)
 from the body to restore, balance, rejuvenate health and enhance immune function through:
1) Evaluation of Constitution/dietary recommendations
2) Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage with 2 therapists and herbal medicated oil for detoxifying.
3) Shirodhara Oil Treatment: warm oil poured on the forehead, balances emotions/mind.
4) In-room Sauna.
Approximately 2 1/2-3 hours ..Allow about 3 hours for your appointment…
Be prepared to have oil in your hair….Bring a robe and slippers.

 Please Call OM Center to schedule appts. 345-5078

Ayurveda is a system of healing that has its roots in ancient India, Tibet and Nepal
and is the oldest intact healing system in existence on our planet.  Ayuh means life and veda means wisdom; Ayurveda literally means the wisdom of life.  According to Ayurveda every individual is a microcosm of the cosmos; the outer life and the inner life are reflections of one another.
We experience health and joy when we understand and align with both our individual constitutions as well as the natural rhythms of nature. Ayurveda gives us a framework through which to understand the needs of the body and psyche in the form of the Subtle Elements (earth, water, fire, air, space) and the Doshas(vata, pitta, kapha). 

Dr. Kamini Kaushal
Dr. Kaushal is from Jaipur, India, is an Ayurvedic Physician and associate of Dr. Rajesh, 
and a Professor of Ayurvedic Science (medicinal plant pharmacology) in Rishikul Govt. Ayurvedic PG college,Haridwar (UK) Dr. Kaushal is actively involved in Ayurvedic Research & Development of new treatment protocols for various forms of cancer & Diabetes. 

Dr. Rajesh's Herbs carried by:
Garry & Sun USA 1-888-98 HERBS

Saturday  March 14,  2015 • 7:30pm • $7
Poetry Slam  
It's the longest-running slam in Omaha, often featuring 
some of the best performance poets in the nation.
Open mic starts at 7:30 followed by the Slam • Sign up BEFORE 7:30; signup is limited

What is a Poetry Slam? It's competition poetry; meaning humor, politics, enlightenment,
sex, entertainment masquerading as literature, literature masquerading as entertainment.
Poets read, then judges chosen from the audience flash Olympic-style scoring (ranging from 1 to 10) based on both the writing and performance of the poem.  This goes on for 3 rounds to determine somebody with a high score that we can declare as the winner. In truth, everyone who adds to the evening should be considered a winner, but since we only have one Golden Monkey trophy, we have to figure out some way to give it out. 

APRIL 2015

Thursday, April 16
Chakra Meditation
Thursday, April 23
Yantra Meditation 
Instructor Don McKenna 

Sat/Sun • April 17, 18-19, 2015
Foundation for Shamanic Studies Level 1 Workshop 
Starting in Omaha April 18-19, 2015!
Michael Harner's “The Way of the Shaman”® 
Shamanic Journeying, Power, and Healing

The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism
(Non-residential Weekend)
Saturday, April 18, 2015, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Sunday, April 19, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
$220 paid by March 18, 2015 • $240 paid after March 18, 2015
10% discount for Foundation for Shamanic Studies Sponsoring and Council Members

Friday, April 17, 2015, 7:30-9:00 pm (open to the public)
FREE Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Taught by Ellen Winner, CSC®*
Ellen Winner practices shamanism in Boulder, Colorado, 
and serves as Guest Faculty for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. 
Extensively trained in Core Shamanism by the Foundation, she has also studied
in Nepal with indigenous Himalayan shamans.

In the Basic experiential workshop, participants are introduced to core shamanism,
the universal, near- universal, and common basic methods of the shaman to enter non ordinary reality for problem solving and healing. Particular emphasis is on the classic shamanic journey, one of the most remarkable visionary methods used by humankind to explore the hidden universe otherwise known mainly through myth and dream.

Participants are initiated into shamanic journeying, aided by drumming at 4-8 cycles per second, a technique for experiencing the shamanic state of consciousness and awakening dormant spiritual abilities including connections with Nature.
Practice includes comparisons by participants of their discoveries in shamanic journeys as well as introduction to shamanic divination and healing. They learn methods for journeying to meet and study with their own individual 
spirit helpers in non-ordinary reality, a classic step in shamanic practice.
Participants learn how to use their journey skills to restore spiritual power and health, and how shamanism can be applied in contemporary daily life to help heal oneself, others, and the Planet.
The Basic Workshop is a prerequisite for all advanced FSS shamanic training workshops and programs.

To register, or for more information, contact:
Karen Baumstark,
Call Karen (402) 630-6988.
 You can also register online at
*Certified Shamanic Counselor (Harner Method). Shamanic Counseling is a one-on-one technique for teaching the classic shamanic journey. 

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