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Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 January • February • March

OM Calendar
1216 Howard Street • Old Market • 402.345.5078 
Weekly and Special Events
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2016 January • February • March 

• Weekly Classes • 
Yoga • Tai Chi • Meditation • QiGong 


Tuesdays • 6-7:30pm 
$14 drop in (10 classes pd in adv $12/class = $120)
On-Going Drop-In Classes or pay in adv. • All Levels 
Eclectic Hatha: meditation, relaxation, postures! 
Instructor: Jennifer Pierce


Wednesdays •  5:45-7pm
New class starting: Jan. 20-Feb 24  
$100  6-wk course Must RSVP
Learn “Awareness Through Movement”
Instructor:  Master Frank Fong 


Thursdays • 7-8:30pm 
New Class STARTING February 18-March 10
$40 (4 wks)  (Call if interested in one class only) MUST RSVP
Instructor: Don McKenna 


Saturday • February 20 -Sarah Brandt
Wednesday • March 2, 5:30-7pm -Pete Starr 
Instructors: Sarah Brandt and Pete Starr 

DRUM JOURNEY • Dates Announced Monthly 

Friday • March 19 • 7:30pm 
Instructor: Don McKenna 

2016 Calendar • At A Glance
 9   Poetry Slam 7:30pm
20  Tai Chi with Frank Fong (6weeks) 
21  Mindfulness Meditation (5 week course begins) 7-8:30

13   Poetry Slam • 7:30pm 
20   Eight Healing Sounds and QiGong • with Sarah Brandt • 1-3:30pm

 2        QiGong with Pete Starr (5 week course begins) • 5:30-7p
11       Free Talk - Intro to The Way of The Shaman Workshop • 7-8:30pm 
12       Poetry Slam • 7:30pm 
12-13  The Way of The Shaman Workshop • Taught by Ellen Winner 
18-20  Vedic Thai-Yoga Massage Workshop • 24 CEU'S • Mukti • F/S/S • 9am-5pm 
19       Spring Equinox Drum Journey / Don McKenna, LIly Marie Livingston,Ryan Muff • 7:30pm

 9-10    EXPO Body-Mind-Spirit Omaha's Holistic Health Expo • OM Sponsored -(Not at OM - @Baxter Arena) 
28-3rd  Dr. David Bole Returns • Tibetan Tranquility Meditation, Non-Insertive Acupuncture     

January - February - March 
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Saturday •  January 9, 2016 • 7:30pm • $5
Poetry Slam  
It's the longest-running slam in Omaha, often featuring 
some of the best performance poets in the nation.
Open mic starts at 7:30 followed by the Slam • Sign up BEFORE 7:30; signup is limited

What is a Poetry Slam? It's competition poetry; meaning humor, politics, enlightenment,
sex, entertainment masquerading as literature, literature masquerading as entertainment.
Poets read, then judges chosen from the audience flash Olympic-style scoring (ranging from 1 to 10) based on both the writing and performance of the poem.  This goes on for 3 rounds to determine somebody with a high score that we can declare as the winner. In truth, everyone who adds to the evening should be considered a winner, but since we only have one Golden Monkey trophy, we have to figure out some way to give it out. 

8 Healing Sounds with Qi Gong Workshop with Sarah Brandt
Saturday * February 20 * 1-3:30pm * $35 adv/ $40 week of
Must RSVP Call OM 402-345-5078

Sound * Vibration * Movement * Breath • Visualization 

The practice of the 8 Healing Sounds and coordinated movements combine: sound, vibration, movement, breath, and visualization for balancing the mind and body.
In the Taoist tradition, this practice enhances one's overall well-being and works directly upon particular organs, emotions and energy channels in the body. 
These Ancient Taoist Healing practices will enable you to transform the effects of emotions and daily stress through sound and movement. 

There is an old saying, "Our 'issues' reflect in our tissues." Strong emotions and high stress require extra energy and have an effect on the body's immunity and organs, often accelerating the aging process. This class will review the five major organs and their associated emotions, colors, sounds and elements-in  accordance with the Chinese 5 Element Theory.  The 8 Healing Sounds and Movements is a practice for self-healing and rejuvenation. Discover how to integrate sound with movement to maintain a life of wellness and harmony!

Sarah Brandt is a direct disciple of Master Chen and is a 26th generation 
lineage holder of the Taoist Dragon Gate Branch. Through Master Chen she has received teachings and training in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Energy Healing and I Ching Numerology. Sarah offers group and individual instruction for Qi Gong, Tai Chi, meditation,yoga, physical conditioning, and self-healing methods.

QiGong with Phillip "Pete" Starr 
Wednesday, March 2 * 5:30-7pm 
Qigong, or chi kung (literally: "Life Energy or Vital Energy Cultivation") is a holistic system of coordinated body postures and movement, breathing, and meditation used for health, spirituality, and martial arts training. With roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts, qigong is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (pronounced "chee") or what has been translated as "life energy".

According to Taoist philosophy, respectively, qigong allows access to higher realms of awareness, awakens one's "true nature", and helps develop human potential. Qigong practice typically involves moving meditation, coordinating slow flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing, and calm meditative state of mind. Qigong is now practiced throughout China and worldwide for recreation, exercise, relaxation, health maintenance, self-healing, and training for certain martial arts.

began studying martial arts in 1956, including judo, Kyokushin karate, Shito-ryu karate, Baixingquan (a form of Northern Shaolin kung fu), baguazhang, taijiquan, xingyiquan, and Filipino arnis. In 1976 he won the United States Karate Association's Grand Championships, becoming the first kung-fu stylist to win the title of National Champion. He is also a two-time winner of the Amateur Athletic Union's Chinese Martial Arts National Tournament. He has taught qigong, taijiquan, and Chinese martial arts in Omaha for many, many years. He has also authored five books on the (Chinese) martial arts: The Making Of A Butterfly, Martial Mechanics, Martial Maneuvers, Hidden Hands, and Developing Jin, as well as writing numerous articles for various magazines and e-magazines, including Inside Kung Fu andTruwaza. Starr lived in Liuzhou City, Guangxi, China, and has now returned to the Omaha area.

Way Of The Shaman Workshop
Fri/Sat/Sun, March 11, 12, 13 
Vedic Thai-Yoga Workshop
Fri/Sat/Sun•  9am-5pm •  March 18, 19, 20 * 24 CEU'S

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