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Saturday, June 4, 2016

OM Calendar JUNE 2016

OM Calendar
1216 Howard Street • Old Market • 402.345.5078 
Weekly and Special Events
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2016 • JUNE

• Weekly Classes • 
Yoga • Tai Chi • Meditation • QiGong 

Tuesdays • 6-7:30pm 
$14 drop in (10 classes pd in adv $12/class = $120)
On-Going Drop-In Classes or pay in adv. • All Levels 
Eclectic Hatha: meditation, relaxation, postures! 
Instructor: Jennifer Pierce

Wednesdays •  5:45-7pm
New class starting: (6 wks) Call for new dates 
$100  6-wk course Must RSVP
Learn “Awareness Through Movement”
Instructor:  Master Frank Fong 

Thursdays • 7-8:30pm 
New Class STARTING (4wks) Call for new dates! 
$40 (4 wks) Adv. $45 day of (Call if interested in one class only) MUST RSVP
Instructor: Don McKenna 

Instructors: Sarah Brandt and Pete Starr 

DRUM JOURNEY • Call for next journey -Facilitator: Don McKenna 

JUNE 2016 Calendar • At A Glance

9            Mindfulness Meditation Training with Don McKenna 7pm Call to RSVP
11          Poetry Slam MOVED to 1502 So. 10th St. No More Empty Cups
12, 13    Art and Science of Healing With Thought -Osteopath Dr. Alain Abehsera O.D., MD. 
26         Awaking The Dreamer Symposium 2-4pm


JUNE New class starting Call for Dates 4 weeks $40
Mindfulness Meditation Training with Don McKenna

June 12, 13 Sunday / Monday 
Come to ether.. Sunday Or Monday...
Sunday, June 12 • 6:30pm • $25 adv/$30 door 
Monday, June 13 • 7pm • $25 adv/$30 door
"Art and Science of Healing With Thought" 
Learn from Osteopath Dr. Alain Abehsera from France 
Consider "The Paradigm". . . .Should we change the belief it takes someone outside of ourselves to heal us? How can we heal ourselves?
Experience what Dr. Abehsera has in 'mind'....
Connective Therapy represents a major step in our understanding of the relationship between matter and thought within the medical world.  HOW OFTEN DO YOU LISTEN TO YOUR BODY? Really listen and connect? Learn the fundamentals of self-listening in 3D!

At one point in his life, Dr Alain Abehsera, an osteopath and physician, had to solve personal pathologies for which he had no available conventional or unconventional answer. They 
appeared as the usual chain of 
seemingly unrelated pathological states that come with life or aging. Some trivial, some more severe.

Dr. Abehsera decided to apply the osteopathic treatment he had been applying to his patients on himself. He had learned to practice listening techniques, where the practitioner quietly listens to the unfolding of body patterns with his hands and mind. He began doing it on himself, becoming his own patient and doctor. Dr Abehsera realized that using these profound osteopathic techniques on oneself is more powerful than what he had access to with the complementary medicine model.

These are the three vital steps in learning Connective Therapy.
Dr Abehsera will give 2-three- hour workshops at OM Center.
Each workshop is stand alone, however you're welcome to come to both! Within this perspective, therapists become their own patients, before they can help others.

Learn the principles of Connective Therapy:
1) Understand value of awareness of the body feelings (by tuning into your personal internal sensations through this 3D model) 
2) Translate or TRANSMUTE? the feelings and sensations in the 3 dimensions of space, within their anatomical background 
3) Follow the evolution of the feelings and sensations (symptom) over a given portion of time. 

Dr. Abehsera will share:
• his personal experience
• teach unusual medical history
• teach principles and applications of Connective Therapy
• how to access the primary healing relationship toward one’s own body and mind.

Dr. Alain Abehsera was born in Rabat, Morocco, 1951. He received his primary and secondary education in France and enrolled at the British College of Osteopathy and Naturopathy, London. He graduated with the rst full-time class of the European School of Osteopathy (Maidstone), where he became Lecturer in Principles and Practice of Osteopathy (French and English Branch). 

He then took up medical Studies at the Paris Medical School. His thesis was on The History of Osteopathy, and won a Bronze Medal. He studied General Philosophy at Sorbonne, Paris. In 1984, he emigrated to Israel, where he was actively involved in research and development in the connectivity in the various languages of the world.

Dr. Alain Abehsera was the founding President of the Israeli Osteopathic Association (IAO) and worked at the Complementary Medicine Unit, Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem. He was also the founding Director of Israeli School of Connective Osteopathy. 

He has translated (into French) and commented on the main classics of Osteopathy: Fryette, Woodall, Mitchell, Korr and wrote numerous articles. At one point, he also went to live in the streets, refused to teach or treat for a long period for fear of doing harm, searching, through these and other ways, about healing. He currently resides in France.

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