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Thursday, October 12, 2017

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1216 Howard Street • Old Market • 402.345.5078 
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• Weekly Classes • 
Yoga • Tai Chi • Meditation • QiGong 

Tuesdays • On-Going • 6-7:30pm 
$14 drop in (10 classes pd in adv $12/class = $120)
On-Going Drop-In Classes or pay in adv. • All Levels 
Eclectic Hatha: meditation, relaxation, postures! 
Instructor: Jennifer Pierce

Wednesdays •  5:45-7pm
NEW Class Starting Sept. 6 - Oct. 11 (6 wks) $100
Instructors:  Master Frank Fong and Pete Starr

Thursdays • 7-8:30pm
Call for new class dates startnig soon! 
$40 (4 wks) MUST RSVP
Instructor: Don McKenna 

QIGONG 8 Healing Sounds
 Call for new class dates
Instructors: Sarah Brandt 
Month At a Glance
October • November • December

11               Tai Chi with Frank Fong  (last class / new one starting soon / call for dates) 
20, 21, 22   World Renowned Nichala Deva / 1st Translated Yoga Sutra's for Women 
26, 26, 28    Ancient Aboriginal Cosmology 
18   Journey to Expansiveness with Sprit Horses / Brent Bowyer 

Event Details 
October 20, 21, 22   
Yoga Now & Susi Amendola Presents 
World Renowned Nichala Deva
1st Translation of Yoga Sutra's for Women 
The Secret Power of Yoga. 
Guest teacher Nischala Joy Devi discusses the ancient text, 
the Yoga Sutras.
$225 for the weekend. 
Friday October 20 6pm-10pm, 
Saturday October 21 9:30am-5pm, Sunday October 22 9:30am -5:pm
Location: Omaha Healing Arts Center, 1216 Howard St.
 Yoga is well known for its power to create a healthy body, but few realize the emotional and spiritual benefits. As the only woman to have published a book on the Yoga Sutras (The Secret Power of Yoga), Nischala Joy Devi interprets this ancient text from a heart-centered, intuitive perspective. Devi’s simple, elegant, and deeply personal interpretations capture the spirit of each Sutra, and her suggested practices offer numerous ways to embrace the spirituality of Yoga throughout your day.

Due to the limited number of spaces in this workshop and our contract with the guest teacher, refunds will not be available for cancellations after October 1, 2017.

October 26-28, 2017
paul taylor (jalala) 
Sharing Aboriginal Wisdom
Acclaimed Aussie performing artist celebrates the culture of his homeland through
story, music, painting and didjeridoo. 
Paul Taylor is an Australian storyteller, didjeridoo player and traveler. 
He comes to the U.S. from Adelaide, South Australia, 

The Aboriginal Dreaming
Ancient Aboriginal Cosmology 
Thurs., Oct. 26 • 7:30pm • $10 RSVP | $15 day of
OM Center • 1216 Howard St. • 402.345.5078
 Using immersive, multi-media storytelling Paul draws from the ancient Aboriginal cosmology, offering a gateway into the world’s oldest living culture – in what Wardaman Elder Yidumduma Bill Harney calls Bush University. Bush University is the Aboriginal term for the School of Nature, paying attention to living things, the land and the stars. These are spiritually alive and constantly teaching us, reminding us of our primary role to care for the natural world.

Aboriginal Skies: Land of the Lightning People
Ancient Aboriginal Cosmology 
Fri., Oct. 27 • 7:30pm • $15 | $5 students Free parking in front of the Durham Science Center
UNO Mallory Kountz Planetarium • Durham Science Center • 6001 Dodge Street • 402.554.2219
 This planetarium show features the Ancient Aboriginal Star Law of Yidumduma Bill Harney, the last living Custodian of his people. Aboriginal Skies illuminates one of the world’s oldest living cultures with stunning images, video, digeridoo and Paul’s engaging storytelling, linking directly to the wondrous Southern sky. You’ll hear the Wardaman Creation Story with Songs of the Dreaming, and how it links to the Songlines in the night sky.  This experience highlights Yidumduma Bill Harney and his groundbreaking work with Dr. Hugh Cairns in their book, Dark Sparklers.

Rainbow Serpent Mural Workshop
Sacred Meanings Behind The Dot Paintings 
Sat., Oct. 28 • 10am - 4pm (with break for lunch) • $40 RSVP | $45 day of • No art experience needed! 
OM Center • 1216 Howard St. • 402.345.5078
 The Rainbow Serpent is one of the oldest continuous spiritual beliefs in the world - one that links creation, the cycle of the seasons and the life-giving essence of water to the world. The mural is a spiritual story painting using the Aboriginal ritual of community painting, everyone working at the same time. Inspired by Aboriginal art styles, local geography/waterways and symbols, each mural is designed and painted by the participants. Celebrate your land with full intention of ensuring all life flourishes in balance.  As Bill Harney says, we “bring happiness to the land.”

November 18, 10am-4pm 
Journey to Expansiveness 
Working with the Sprit Horses with Brent Bowyer 

Wind Horse-Universal Soul Guides
Journey Horse
A Personal Connection to Soul through 
Medicine Horse. 

Brent Bowyer -Advanced Epona Instructor, Leadership skills with The Horse,
Developing emotional social intelligence- understanding relationships, Shaman and Native 
American work. Passing on the Universal Healing Song at the end of the workshop 

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