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Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 2013

OM Center 1216 Howard St. 
Omaha, Nebraska 68102 •   402.345.5078 

2013 OM Calendar 
Weekly Classes • Monthly At a Glance • Full Event Details Below

Yoga • Tai Chi • Meditation

YOGATuesdays 6-7:30pm • $14  
Instructor Jennifer Pierce On-Going Drop-In Class• All Levels 
Eclectic Hatha: meditation, relaxation, postures!

TAI CHI • Wednesdays • 5:45-7pm 
 • Master Frank Fong (Call for next 6 wk class dates 6-wk course) • $90
Learn “Awareness Through Movement”

MEDITATION Mind  over Madness • Thursdays • 6:30-8pm  
 $40 adv (4wks) or $12 drop in
Meditation Training for People Who Think They Can’t Meditate • Instructor Don McKenna
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 At A Glance • OM CALENDAR 2013 
3- "Rumi Celebration"- An Invitation to Universal Love and Knowledge • 10am-6pm, 7pm-10pm
28 -Sept. 8 -"Gaden Shartse Tibetan Monks"!!...Return to OM!
                   Sand Mandala's, Healings, Performances and MORE!
28- Sept. 7 • DAILY VIEWING of Monks creating The Sand Mandala 1-5pm
28 •  Sand Mandala Opening • Wed • Noon
28 •  Chay Drol • Tibetan Clearing Ceremony  • Wed. • 7pm
30 •  Empowerment of Chenrezig • GUIDED MEDITATION on Compassion • Fri. • 7:30pm •  $25
31 •  Sacred Dance and Chant of Tibet • PERFORMANCE • Sat. • 7:30pm •  $25 

House, business and Personal Tibetan Blessings AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT, Call OM 402.345.5078

OM Full 2013 Event Details
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 AUGUST 2013

  Saturday, August 3, 2013 • 10am-6pm, 7pm-10pm
"Rumi Celebration"
Film • Poetry • Music • Stories • Performance and More! 
  Zikr and Music with Allaudin Ottinger and Amory Bottorff 
Immerse yourself in an all-day celebration of the legacy of RUMI 
(Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi -1207-1273) Rumi is an undisputed giant of world literature and spirituality
One of the best-selling poets in the US! His message of Universal Love and Truth
 is as relevant today as it has ever been
Day Program 10am-6pm
• Opening dedication to Rumi, his life and spiritual contributions with Brent Bowyer New Zealand native, Brent, provides this introduction to the day. Brent is a graduate of Beshara School of Esoteric Education in Scotland, co-founder/co-owner of Spirit of Chiron, LLC and Qualified Advanced Eponaquest Instructor.  

• Poetry Readings of Rumi (including audience participation. Bring your favorite Rumi poems, sign up to read.)  
• Qualities of the Heart: Practicing Universal Love with Richard & Chalice Potter Bringing spirituality to everyday life, the Potters have been awakening hearts in seminars throughout the US and Canada.Students of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan for many years, they are authors of the book, “Spiritual Development for Beginners: A simple Guide to Leading a Purpose-Filled Life.”  
• Rumi, Love and Other Matters with Dr. Richard WhiteThis thought-provoking discussion (with Q&A) is lead by Creighton University philosophy professor, Dr. White,author of numerous books including, “The Heart of Wisdom: A Philosophy of Spiritual Life.”  
• Performance of Rumi Stories with Storyteller Rita PaskowitzAn entertaining performance by the co-founder & director of Creative Healing. Rita works nationally in the fields of healthcare, interfaith relations, art & business with an active performance schedule.

Live music Throughout with Allaudin Ottinger and Amory Bottorff

An inspiring musical gift given throughout the celebration led by Allaudin, who has a lifelong dedication to music, has worked witha number of Sufi Masters/disciplines, and produced 3 Sufi inspired CDs. Using violin, tar drum, oud, saz, guitar, dumbec and other stringed instruments, Allaudin and Amory continue their pursuit of the miraculous.
Evening Program 7pm-10pm
• 7pm "Turning" a film by Diane Cilento and Bulent Rauf

 "Turning" was Filmed in Turkey and made to coincide with the 700th Anniversary of Rumi’s birth, this concise film traces theevolution of the human concept and appreciation of Universal Nature. Archeologist Bulent Rauf, producer and advisor for the film,had a classical Ottoman education, attended Cornell & Yale Universities, was married to Princess Faiza of Egypt. He established the Beshara School of Esoteric Education in Scotland.  
• 8pm Zikr with Allaudin Ottinger and Amory Bottorff
This Night of Power concludes with a Remembrance ceremony created through sacred space with movement, chanting and music.
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For REGISTRATION • Call OM 402-345-5078 OR see PayPal button on
Saturday • August 3, 2013 • 10am-6pm / 7-10pm
    •Whole Event DAY/EVEING (10am-10pm): $40 (Before July 28 / $52 after July 28)
    •Evening ONLY (Film & Zikr, 7-10pm): $15 (Before July 28)
    •Day ONLY (10am-6pm) $25 (before July 28)
    •Young Person Whole Event (ages 16-25): $25 

Tickets are non-refundable unless event canceled by organizers.
Program organizers reserve the right to alter or change the event 
August 28 Thru September 8, 2013

 The Beginning......
Creation of The Sand Mandala • Opening

Watch the Tibetan Monks Begin to create the Mandala
WEDNESDAY, August 28 • Noon
DAILY VIEWING Aug. 28- Sept. 7
Donations welcome
Watch the team of Monks recreate an ancient tradition by building a Sacred Sand Painting dedicated to the female Buddha of Compassion, Green Tara. Viewing this detailed Mandala opens the mind and awakens the spirit.  When a Mandala is built of sand, the goodness that it brings is multiplied by the number of grains of sand that it contains.
Stop by daily to watch the sand painting evolve.

Chay Drol: Clearing Obstacles
WEDNESDAY, August 28 • 7:30pm
This powerful ritual helps remove the obstacles that prevent one from achieving enlightenment. The Lama places colored strings and fabric ritually fused to represent obstacles on participants. These obstacles are cut using Weapons of Wisdom, opening the door to liberation, wisdom and achieving your goals.
Empowerment of Chenrezig
FRIDAY, August 30 • 7:30pm
The Bodhisattva Chenrezig embodies the universal compassion of all the Buddhas.
The meditation and blessing of Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara in Sanskrit,Kwan-Yin in China, Kannon in Japan) helps us be more peaceful and compassionate, even in times of instablity.  Participants are initiated to Chenrezig’smantra: Om Mani Padme Hum, which is believed to contain the essence of all of Buddha’s teachings.
Sacred Dance and Chant of Tibet • Performance
SATURDAY, August 31 • 7:30pm
These ancient and sacred dances, chants and debates celebrate Tibetan mythology, the spiritual history of Tibet and its guiding principles.  All are presented with vibrant costumes, scupltural masks, evocative instruments and permeating multiphonic vocalizations.  For all ages.


Labor Day Parade • Downtown (not at OM)
MONDAY, September 2, 2013 • 10AM-NOON
The Septemberfest parade starts at 16th and Cass Streets, travels south on 16th Street to Capitol Avenue, continues east on Capitol to 10th Street and concludes by proceeding north on 10th Street to Webster Street.  
The two hour parade goes on rain or shine. There will be flag carrying honor guards, marching bands, Labor Unions, businesses, floats, animals, horses, clowns and roaming artists.
More than 100 units will participate with approximately 3000 people. There will be six gigantic balloons at the same quality and scale as the Macy's parade. Dozens of labor volunteers arrive at 6 a.m. to fill the balloons and guide the balloons along parade route. These gigantic balloons require about 38,000 cubic feet of helium.

Healing for Healers
(Open to Anyone)
WEDNESDAY, September 4 • 7:30pm
Join us for OM Center’s traditional Healing for Healers.  This ritual cleansing by Vajraviharan, the Buddha of Purification, removes negativity and its subtle imprints, bringing clarity of body, mind and spirit. Especially beneficial to those in the healing arts this healing is open to everyone.


What Does Compassion Look Like?
FRIDAY, September 6 •  6-9pm

DAILY VIEWING Aug. 28- Sept. 6th
Donations welcome
With an visual point of view, artists were challenged to create art using Post-it Note suggestions for a more compassionate Omaha generated during Compassion Omaha’s inaugural event, Five Days of Compassion. Over 600 notes were collected over the week. Meet the monks as they put the finishing touches on the sand mandala and the artists who share their vision of a compassionate world.

(Art sales benefit both Compassion Omaha and Gaden Shartse Monastery.)

Impermanence: Sand Mandala Closing Ceremony
The meditative Mandala practice culminates with a closing ceremony and the destruction of the Mandala, signifying the transience of life. Be a part of this traditional ceremony of compassion and blessings. 
Participants receive a small piece of the mandala.


House, business and personal


 All events are fundraisers to benefit the Monastic College’s effort to preserve the educational, spiritual 
and cultural of traditions of Tibet. (Art show also benefits Compassion Omaha.) Omaha’s Gaden Shartse events
have made significant contributions to the Monastery over the past 22 years: helping build the main temple, enclose open sewers, build/equip the health clinic, library and office, provide solar water heaters, and give medical care for the large number of Tibetan and  other refugees in the area.
Tax deductible donations are accepted at all events.

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